Tuesday, 13 August 2013


You know apa benda paling bikin stress lepas raya?



Laptop bikin panas?

Banyak kerja?
Or should I say in a picture?

All in one
Nope. Those are not.

The most stressful thing after raya....

Gaining weight. You think only women have this problem?

I do have this problem, they do have, those who are in diet also have, those who want to be healthy also have.

Jadi? But all in one, Sick + Assignment + Work + Laptop buat hal + Gaining weight = Stress? Nope.

All of those are equal to mental disorder, vomit, bloody eyes, hehh.

Don't be stress. Relax, do your work.

Yes I know many people out there pun stress banyak kerja, hatta my friends also, I'm not excluded from the situation.

There are two possibilities

1. Allah mahu uji
2. Balasan dosa-dosa lalu

It depends on your perspective, sangkaan terhadap Allah.

Happy holidays. ^_^

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