Saturday, 9 March 2013

Karnival Permainan Tradisional

I am exhausted today.

Still, I had a good time, best experience and memories.

Today in the morning, our senior semester 5 conducted Karnival Permainan Tradisional which was held at Padang IPG Kampus Keningau.

I've stated at the previous post that I would join and try my ability playing these games.

Well, there are six games - Angry Bird, Coconut Bowling, Dragon's Tail, Coconut Relay, Tug Of War and Reverse Train.

Of course, every class needs to submit at least 10 person per group, with additional marks for those who include staff or lecturer.

Our class? Didn't have one, since Mr. Carl was taken by TESL Sem 1, while others, might be busy.

Warriors of TESL 1
We're actually having fun, and not even cross in our mind that we want to win this festival.

For the first event, Angry Bird and Coconut Bowling were conducted simultaneously, where Ronn, Joe, Yen, Josphay and I playing Angry Bird, while the rest on bowling.

We didn't manage to win both events, so we were give only 40 marks (which is same for 4th and next place).

Second event, also conducted simultaneously, Dragon's Tail and Coconut Relay.

Aggressive Style
We didn't win this game, because our opponent was too good, though I felt it was unfair for some reason. Tapi biarlah, it's just a game.

For Coconut Relay - Ronn, Alter, Joe and Josphat, they managed to win thus give us 100 marks (and more maybe) because they managed to complete a round and add another. (Ada orang lari lebih satu pusingan). Watching them, my desire to win was risen, I told my teammates, no more losing.

The next event, which I thought it should be the final event, was the Tug of War. This is the battle of warriors. We added a sparta in our member, Azizi. Sorry, I don't have the pictures.

Since our group had an extra match, so we decided to use 3-2 strategies. Ronn-Wafiy-Alter at the front (for endurance and defending), while Azizi and I at the back (for attacking and pulling).

We used the same strategies. Seriously.

Our first match was against Sharifah (combination of seniors) team. The members that I remembered were Akmal, Hidafi and Otto (forgot the other two). Seriously, these three are very tough and big.

However, Waffiy told that we must do in one kill - means no more ties or rubber match.

Yup, we won our first match.

For the second match, our opponent was GSTT BM 2, the team that defeated us in Dragon's Tail. I said that I want to win this match too, so did my teammates.

Yup, we won again.

Sadly, for our other mates, TESL 2 unable to defeat BM junior, which I hoped they could, because if they did and managed to enter the final, it would be the battle of TESL.

Amer - Warrior of TESL 2

Farid - Warrior of TESL 2

Third match, was the toughest opponent - Sharifah was the third toughest for us. PAI juniors.

We were struggling to defeat them, we almost defeated by them, but we managed to overcome and again, all kill. Yup, we managed to enter the final.

Other team, GSTT Sejarah was beaten by BM Junior, so we face them (BM) for 1st and 2nd place.

For this..let pictures do my job.

All Spartas!

You know what happen.

Happy Level 999
We managed to do all kill for every single match. Alhamdulillah, it was very tough for us. Injured hands, but the determination to win was very high so I didn't care much about my hand.

For the final event, we didn't win, but it was fun. I was substituted by classmates, due to exhaustion during Tug of War. Although we didn't win, but we managed to get second place, the first place is our Super Junior - PAI. Yup, it was memorable to me, that's why I wrote this entry at very specific detail.

Yeah, it was fun and one of the best memories in IPG. Let the pictures do my job...again.

TESL 1 and 2 and Junior (Senior pun ada)

Happy Level Infinity

Gila Bergambar


I wasn't in this picture due to injury

Gembira Gila
Suka Kamera

Both TESL Warriors, and PSV

Belum ada semangat
Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah for giving us chance to have fun and win 2nd place.

#I'm not fat anymore. ^_^


  1. this post really made me miss bukit langsat lol... awesome job in delivering such detailed post & +1 for speedy update aaanndd not forgetting shammey's pure victory face really made my day a lot better haha...