Sunday, 21 July 2013

21 = 21

When I was young?

21st July 2013. It's almost eight months since my first day in 2013.

Well, it's just a day, but special.

Just enjoy it.

When I Was Young
All the baby faces
Relevance? My veins didn't appear.
Big me.
The moment I was the killer.
When I was the facilitator.
The moment when I became overweight - nearly obese
Another one

The moment when I still big
The moment when I still in progress
The moment when I won the second place with teammates during this carnival
The moment when I already fit
The moment where I still maintain until today.
Okay, another moment. Please notice the difference between the pictures.

Oh double chin!

I felt like wrapping in a blanket.


When I was really young

You have seen this.

And this.
I'm still alive, I'm still young, though the age has increased. Thanks to Allah.

The increase of the ages, means we are getting closer to death, however, don't let your life dull, dark without light from Allah.

The reason why I put the pictures for you to differentiate each of it  because my efforts on weight loss. I used to be a guy who dislike to workout although has interest on it, a guy who knows a little about anatomy (when I was at Form 1). I used to be a guy who was very lazy even to take a remote TV just to change the channel.

As the time has passing by, my wake up call started at the end of December 2012. I assumed you have read the entry that I wrote before.

I hardly can breathe, always exhausted though doing a little job, pain, aches every where. I still remember in 2012, my legs were injured yet I still forced myself to play volleyball at the evening, to which in the morning, I couldn't pray Subuh very properly ( I had to sit in order to reduce the killing pain).

Then my friends said I lost weight (in 2012), yet I gained too much due to overeat and I gained 100 and more in December.

The main point here is losing weight, but I just want to share with you something, something that I have never felt for my entire life.


Before this, I used to be a shy person, hate camera, because I knew I was ugly or not good looking. I hate to wear nice clothes and just being simple. I was shy to go out to do some exercises, except with friends.

I did try to lose weight, but little knowledge of healthy lifestyle, the efforts were useless. So I stopped, and let myself to grow bigger.

I know overweight/obese is bad for health yet I still continued my lifestyle, overeat, lack of sleep, didn't care much about my body.

The hardest part, of course looking for clothes for Hari Raya, new semester. My clothes became bigger, from L to XL, to XXL.

I was easily stress, angry and many more. I was a hot-tempered before this, couldn't accept other's opinion, too much to say.

However, after wake up call, everything has changed, while some people asked why did I want to lose weight? Simple answer, to have a better health.

Clothes size reduced to L (even M!), I like to do workout until now (except that I don't do weight lifting because fasting), I like to take pictures (if you see my pictures), I like to hang out with friends, making new friends.

I have a better health, but the most important thing is I gain confidence in doing something. I have changed a lot since early 2013.

I am still hot-tempered, but I try and will always keep trying to be cool as a cucumber, no matter how difficult the situation is. I'm not easily stress anymore, the most important thing that I like.

I rarely suffer from migraine, I rarely suffer from pains, except for after workout but those are just aches.

Thanks to Allah for all of these, now I'm 21, my favourite number after 7.

Well, too much detail for me to write here, but I just want to share that the moment you have changed, you will notice the difference. Now I'm emphasizing on better health, I try to bring more people to have better health because I used to be a person who didn't care much about myself.

There's a quote from a blog..

"Badan kita milik Allah, Dia kasi pinjam, jagalah baik-baik. Takkanlah kita nak kembalikan kepadaNya dalam keadaan buruk?"

If you still do not care about your health, it's your choice. Nobody forces you to so, but Allah gives you brain to think.

It's your choice to be good, have a good life. Don't blame others, but you.

Thank you for the wishes people.

#When I was young, I looked like a Chinese kid. Miahahah!!

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  1. Happy birthday. May Allah bless. smuga dpnjgkan umur dlam iman.

    Jaga kesihatan. Terutamanya sugar & cholesterol in blood.