Thursday, 6 February 2014



I like that word.


Epic is something that amazes you.



Well in this entry, there's no Bisvit Selimut.

I just want to write something.. about my life at IPG.

So far so good, I like to be busy. I like to involve in these events - though I feel like I don't help as much as I could.

Why I like busy? Most people dislike being busy.

Well, it helps me to forget the pain, sadness or whatever things that make me feel depressed, though sometimes I stress because of the busy-ness. Hehh.

Well, at least it is much better than whining something - what the hell that I don't know.

Actually I like this semester compare to last semester. Last semester I didn't active too much except for my weight loss.

This semester, it's double active - Track and Field, Cross Country, daily activities, well, triple. Haha.

But I like it, it's okay though, it's okay. Why? This is the time you will learn many things, knowledge, practically and even improving yourself.

But of course, it's one of the ways to forget what I felt that haunted me before, that killed me before, that made me lost myself before - I wish that I won't do the same thing anymore.

Of course, people will come and go. I think I just wasting too much time to someone that never appreciates me before.

But I should realize that not everyone will appreciate you, not everyone will care as much as you do. They may be your best friends, but you may not be their best friend.

So, why bother? That's why I'm involving myself to own this busy-ness (not business), alhamdulillah Allah gives me strength to cope with it.

Sometimes I feel like I want to quit, but after listening to epic songs, I realized that 'quit' is only for stopping from doing bad things or habits.

Someone asked me why I still have time for that person, for games, for everything though I still busy?

I don't know. Maybe because that's how I work. I'm not multitasking, just divide time to do things.

Of course not easy. Imagine, my life from the morning - Lectures, go to department to ask things, lectures, eat, rest for a while, involve in Track and Field activities, playing football, meeting and at night, I am just resting. Not that I'm boasting that I can cope with this, but I feel like there are someone who are very busy compare to me, but still they have time to do something that can release stress. Even Rasulullah - a busy man, leader, father, grandfather, da'ie, still have time to help his wives at home.

So, conclusion?

Enjoy your life!


Epic Music, search at YouTube. I guarantee you will love it.

El Dorado~

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